This website is currently under construction, as soon as all the episodes are uploaded you will be able to access all of the episodes below. Thank you for your patiences.

EP1: The Beginning
EP2: What comes next
EP3: Surprises
EP4: Moving Right Along
EP5: Prizes Galore
EP6: Too many things to do
EP7: Good and Bad
EP8: The one without a title
EP9: Sunday, June 26, 2011
EP10: Lots-o-KALs
EP11: Knitting and Spinning and Wollmeise O My!
EP12 - OMG, more Wollmeise!
EP13: What's next on Viola?
EP14: Trifecta Madness
EP15: Yes, I needed stitch markers
EP16: Even Experienced Knitters Make Mistakes
EP17: Start your engines
EP18: The Start of Stitches
Special: Podcaster Challenge
EP19: Check out the Fascinator
EP20: Knitting Club
EP21: Its all about the Challenge
EP22: Did someone say Spinning
EP23: Not much progress
EP24: The opposite of last week! Progress!
EP25: Bits and Pieces
EP26: More Camera Trouble
EP27: My Boss Stunted my Knitting Progress
EP28: Knittin' in the Mitten and Knitting Progress
EP28.5 Knittin' In The Mitten Round Table
EP29: Frogging the knitting and in the throat
EP30: Time Crunch
EP31: Stressful Knitting
EP32: There was knitting
EP33: Sick Again!
EP34: The Cold That Won't Leave
EP35: Still working on Christmas Knitting
EP36: The Yarn Diet is Coming!
EP37: The new year begins
EP37B: The Winners Are
EP38: Trip Delayed
EP39 - We have a Sponsor!
EP40 - The Bubble Snuggle
EP41A - Finish it / Frog it February
EP41B - January Drawings
EP42 - New Toy
EP43 - Two More Finished Objects
EP44 - Podcast Watching Fool
EP45 - Distractions
EP46 - Pajama Week
EP47 - Lots of Stuff
EP48 - March 24, 2012
EP49 - Security Threat
EP50 - Knit-topia on the horizon
EP51 - Knit-topia Recap
EP52 - Short and Rambling
EP53 - Saturday May 5, 2012
Special - Knit-topia Compilation
EP54 - Lots of Interruptions
EP55 - Boy I Can Talk - Part 1
EP55 - Boy I can Talk - Part 2 - Enabling
EP56 - Not much Knitting
EP57 - An Hour Again!
EP58 - Can I stick to it!
EP59 - Big Funk and No Mojo

EP60: Working my way out of the funk
EP61: Busy, Busy, Busy
EP62: It is HOT!
EP63: July 14, 2012
EP64: Call me Clumsy
EP65: Lists, Lists, and more Lists
EP66: New From the Stash
EP67: Bar Maids is Back
EP68: Lots of Splicing
EP69: Time for Relaxing
EP70: Lots of KALs
EP71: Lots and Lots of Knitting
EP72: I’m a Hiya Hiya Convert
EP73: The Boss is Back
EP74: I’m a Teenybopper
EP75: Lots of Knitting
EP76: Another FO Parade
EP77A: Friday Adventures at Rhinebeck
EP77B: Sunday at Rhinebeck
EP77C: Rhinebeck Recap
EP78: It is a long one
EP79: Busy Day
EP80: Knittin’ in the Mitten 2012
EP81: So much to share
EP81B: The Swapping Mayhem
EP82: Way off Track
EP83: Gamecentric
EP84: Everything is Backwards
EP85: Time for a Change
EP86: Shorter than I thought
EP87: The Forgotten Segment
EP88: No WIPS to show you
EP89: Back to an hour
EP90: Mostly Spinning and Prizes
EP91: More Spinning than Knitting
EP92: It’s Friday
EP93: It’s a Quickie
EP94: Lots of Spinning
EP95: My Fitness Pal
EP96: My First KAL Fail
EP97: 40,000 Steps
EP98: Exercisecentric
EP99: It’s a Balancing Act
EP100: Driving Force
EP101: Epic FO!
EP102: Not Quite Myself
EP103: Knit-topia 2013
EP104: Playing Catch-up
EP105: There isn’t enough time
EP106: Totally Addicted to Sims 3
EP107: Schedule Change
EP108: Cram Packed
EP109: Question Answered
EP110: It’s the Nancy Show
EP111: Spring Fever
EP112: What is in my Notions Bag
EP113: So much Stuff
EP114: Tutorial - Traditional 3 ply
EP115: Socks, Sock, and more Socks
EP116: Swimming in Yarn
EP117: In Memory of Mickey
EP118: Emergency Merry-Go-Round
EP119: Quicker than I thought
EP120: It's a Mystery
EP121: For those not going to Rhinebeck
EP122: Changes and Improvements
EP123: KitM fun and QuiltMoxie
EP124: All about the Knitting
EP125: Prizes, Prizes, and More Prizes
EP126: Happy New Year!
EP127: Cold Again!
EP128: Sims with Mods
EP129: I am Pollyanna
EP129.5: Tribute to Marty
EP130: I'm Back
EP131: Knit-topia 2014 Recap
EP132: Status Quo
EP133: 1,2,3,4,5 FOs
EP134: Stress Reducing Sims
EP135: Overstuffed and Lots of Hats
EP136: Reining Myself In
EP137: Zombie Knitpocalypse 2014
EP138: All Day Podcast
EP139: The Last Two weeks
EP140A: Tech Talk
EP140B: Knitting and Prizes
EP141: Podiversary Prize Drawing
EP142: Discombobulated and Distracted
EP143: Not Sure What to Call it
EP144: Some Knitting, But very Little
EP145: Guess What I Found
EP146: Mojo in Full Force
EP147: Two Weeks in a Row
EP148: New Project Distractions
EP149: Sugar Spikes
EP150: Uneventful
EP151: Getting Measurements
EP152: Super Short
EP153: Christmas Eve Episode
EP154: Enabling
EP155: 52 Hats, 52 Squares, 52 Minutes

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