Thursday, October 16, 2014

EP27: My Boss Stunted my Knitting Progress

Saturday,  October 29,  2011



Basic Socks - My Project Page - 0 yards

Sofa Saver – My Project Page - 50 yards

Simple Double Crochet Blanket – My Project Page - 76.55 yards

Citron – My Project Page – 15.5 yards

Multnomah – My Project Page – Not started

Knit Your Stash Challenge – Please tag all your projects with KYS4QTR2011

Total Yardage this week: 92.05

Knitted: 92.05 yards
Charity Bonus: 0 yards
Destashed: 0 yards

Not counted on Challenge
Knitting for Hire (KFH): 119 yards
New yarn to stash: 0 yards (thank goodness)

Total Yardage To-Date for the Challenge: 3,883.24

Knitted: 1,067.14 yards
Charity Bonus: 106.5 yards
Destashed: 2709.6 yards

Not counted on Challenge
Knitting for Hire (KFH): 301.5 yards
New yarn to stash: 5482 yards


Colorwork Mitten Knit-A-Long – Starting November 1 – January 31, 2012Patterns by ValerieI will be starting with the Stinky Pink Pattern and if I finish that I will be doing Red Velvet

Miscellaneous Stuff

Wolfe Farms – Herbal Soaps and more

Ravelry Group for the PodcastKnitting Blooms

Knit-topia Retreat – April 12 – 22, 2012Donations Received this week for Knit-topia 2012

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