Monday, October 20, 2014

Knitted Cast On - Tutorial - Knitting Blooms

Tutorial: Knitted Cast-on

EP144: Some Knitting, But Very Little

Some Knitting, But Very Little

Knitting Backwards Tutorial

Knitting Backwards

EP143: Not Sure What to Call it

Not Sure What to Call it

Finding Patterns on Ravelry Tutorial

Finding Patterns on Ravelry

Tulle Scrubby Tutorial

Tulle Scrubby

EP142: Discombobulated and Distracted

Discombobulated and Distracted

Lace on the Wrong Side Tutorial

Lace on the Wrong Side

EP141: Podiversary Prize Drawing

Podiversary Prize Drawing

Garter Ridge Tab Cast On Tutorial

Garter Ridge Tab Cast-on

Packing for a Retreat

Packing for a Retreat

Yarn Cabinet Organization

Yarn Cabinet Organization

ISSUU - Tutorial

ISSUU Tutorial

EP140B: Knitting and Prizes

Knitting and Prizes - Part 2

EP140A: Tech Talk

This week's episode is broken up into two parts due to its length. This part of the episode is all about my finds on YouTube as well as a brief discussion about Be sure to check out part B for the knitting talk and the drawings. Also look for the complete tutorial on as well.
Knitting Blooms - YouTube Channel - Be sure to subscribe to the podcast over on YouTube for even more chances to win prizes.

Calculating Yardage Tutorial

Calculating Yardage

Sunday, October 19, 2014

EP139: The last two weeks

The last two weeks

Tutorial: Knit Companion

July 19, 2014
Knit Companion

EP138 - An all Day Podcast

July 12, 2014
This episode ended up being a lot longer than I expected it to be and it ended up being recorded in two parts, which is probably why it went longer than I expected. I share my finished objects this week, as well as works in progress. There is also some spinning talk as well as a bunch of prizes to be given away. Stay tuned at the end of the show for all of my contact information. And don’t forget to Subscribe to the YouTube Channel so you never miss an episode.

Knitting Blooms - YouTube Channel - Be sure to subscribe to the podcast over on YouTube for even more chances to win prizes.

Review: Knits that Breathe

July 5, 2014
Knits that breath

EP137: Zombie Knitpocalypse 2014

June 28, 2014
Zombie Knitpocalypse 2014

Tutorial: Ravelry Forums & Groups

June 21, 2014
Ravelry Forms & Groups

EP136 - Reining Myself In

June 14, 2014
In this Episode I share with you the amazing week that I have had. I have a number of finished objects to share with you but because of time restraints I don't show you any of my WIPs this week. I also share a few ideas and goals that I have for the Podcasts this summer as well as Reward system that Will be setting up for my future stash enhancements. I also share the details about finding your Ravelry number.

Knitting Blooms - YouTube Channel - Be sure to subscribe to the podcast over on YouTube for even more chances to win prizes.

Review: Subversive Socks

June 6, 2014
Subversive Sock Reviw

EP135: Overstuffed and Lots of Hats

May 31, 2014
In this episode there is some catch up chatter at the beginning, and then I talk briefly about the progress of my WIPS, and I share a load of finished objects.

I also talk about my favorite knitting chair as well as my yarn storage cabinets.

There is also a bit of discussion about a design I am starting to work on and a Mystery KAL that will be late summer early Fall.

We have a drawing for the Last Wool and Testament Read-A-Long and I remember everyone about the current read-a-long for Dyeing Wishes.

Tutorial: Machine Knit Charity Hat

May 24, 2014
Machine Knit Charity Hat

EP134: Stress Reducing Sims

May 17, 2014
In this episode I provide a recap of the last few weeks, talk about my WIPs including a new project and I share my stash enhancement from my Maryland Sheep and Wool Trip. I also talk about upcoming events, and an app that I have been enjoying lately. There is talk of a new read-a-long and last but certainly not least there are some drawings.

Tutorial: Gauge Swatch

May 3, 2014
Gauge Swatch

EP133 - 1,2,3,4,5 FOs

April 26, 2014
This episode is all about the Finished Objects. Oh, and some spinning. Enjoy!

Tutorial - Braided Cast-on and Twined Herringbone

April 19, 2014
In this video I show how to do a two color braided cast-on and a twined herringbone border.

EP132 - Status Quo

April 12, 2014
In this episode I share two finished objects and the status of another WIP that I have been focused on finishing.

EP131 - Knit-topia 2014 Recap

April 4, 2014 
Knit-topia 2014 Recap

EP130 - I'm Back

March 29, 2014
I am back from Knit-topia and I am here to share my knitting progress over the last few weeks

Tutorial - Fixing Mistakes 1

March 22, 2014
Fixing Mistakes

Tutorial - Working with Beads

March 15, 2014
Working with Beads

A Tribute to Marty

March 8, 2014
Marty has crossed over the rainbow bridge. This past weekend Marty was getting progressively worse. He was having some difficulty fighting an infection because of his reduced immune system due to the Prednisone treatments. In addition, he was having labor breathing and had stopped eating on Sunday afternoon. Steve and I felt that there was no point in prolonging his pain any longer and we took him into the doctor Monday evening. The doctor confirmed that Marty’s body was starting to shut down. He had fluid in his lungs which could be the cause of the labored breathing. The doctor agreed that it was the right time to let him go.

Marty is now with his brother Mickey who passed away last Summer.

Both of these boys will be missed for a very long time.

As you might imagine, I am in no way up for recording this week. Which is why I am posting this short tribute to Marty instead. I hope you enjoy a look back over Marty’s life. He was very much loved and he took a piece of my heart with him when he left this world.

This weekend, I will upload the tutorials that will be posted while I am away at Knit-topia. If possible I will try to upload short clips or photos from Knit-topia and I will probably have a Knit-topia recap on my next recording date of March 27. Which means the next regular episode won’t be until some time in April, and I am sure to have loads of stuff to share with you by then.

Tutorial - How I knit

February 28, 2014
How I Knit

EP129: I am Pollyanna

February 22, 2014

This week I share a finished object, and progress on a few of my projects. We have a couple of drawings an I talk a little about Bar Maids, the upcoming tutorials, and the Knit Your Stash Challenge for 2014.

Tutorial: Learn to Knit Continental Style

February 15, 2014
Knit Continental Style

EP128: Sims with Mods!

February 8, 2014

In this episode I share what I have been doing the last few weeks. I quickly share all of my WIPS. There is talk of a new KAL, as well as some drawings and lots of other stuff.

Tutorial: Learn to Knit - English Style

February 1, 2014
Learn to Knit English Style

EP127 - Cold AGAIN!

January 25, 2014

In this episode I show progress on just one of my knitting projects. We talk a bit about Knit-topia and the available spots. I share my step goals for 2014. I talk about my unofficial challenge for Ravellenics. There is a book review and a drawing, and I also share the answer to how I take care of my hand knit socks.

Tutorial - Alternating Skeins

January 18, 2014
Alternating Skein

EP126 - Happy New Year!

January 11, 2014
In this episode I share a new crafty addiction. I also show two sudo finished objects and one other WIP. There are also some drawings. Enjoy!

Tutorial - Toe Decreases and Kitchener

January 4, 2014
Toe Decreases and Kitchener

Special - Knit Club

December 28, 2013
Knit Club

Review - Head to Toe

December 28, 2013
Head to Toe Review

EP125 - Prizes, Prizes, and more Prizes

December 21, 2013

Special: Starting a Podcast

December 13, 2013
Starting a Podcast

EP124 - All About the Knitting

December 6, 2013

This week is all about the knitting

Review - Cascadia

December 6, 2013
Cascadia Review

Review - A Good Yarn

December 6, 2013
A Good Yarn Review

Tutorial: Blocking

November 30, 2013

Tutorial - Lifelines

November 23, 2013

EP123 - KitM Fun and QuiltMoxie

November 15, 2013

I talk a little about my knitting progress and about the current KALs, but most of the show is about KitM and an interview with SewQuiltMoxie. There is also a book review.

Special: Hosting a Knitting Retreat

November 5, 2013
Hosting a Knitting Retreat

EP122 - Changes and Improvements

November 2, 2013
I share progress on most of my WIPs, there is a finished object, but I already mailed it. There is lots of stash enhancements thanks to all the people who purchased my new pattern in the last few weeks.

Tutorial: Hanson Mini-Spinner

October 26, 2013
Hanson Mini-Spinner

EP121: For those not going to Rhinebeck

October 18, 2013
For those not going to Rhinebeck

Book Review: Hitch

October 15, 2013
This is a book review for "Hitch" published by Cooperative Press.

EP120: It's a Mystery

October, 11, 2013
It's a Mystery

Tutorial: Heel Flap and Gusset

October 5, 2013
Heel Flap and Gusset

EP119 - Quicker than I thought

September 27, 2013
Quicker than I thought

Tutorial - Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off

September 21, 2013
Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off

Saturday, October 18, 2014

EP118 - Emergency Merry-Go-Round

September 14, 2013
Emergency Merry-Go Round

Special: My Essential Take Along Tools

September 7, 2013
Essential Take Along Tools

EP117 - In Memory of Mickey

August 31, 2013
This episode includes Thank Yous, Finished Objects, WIPs, some talk of my spinning progress, information on an upcoming KAL/CAL/SAL, and Charity

Tutorial: Navajo Ply - Chain Ply

August 23, 2013
Navajo Ply / Chain Ply

EP116 - Swimming in Yarn

Friday, August 16, 2013

I had lots of progress with my knitting this week, and there are lots of prizes to be given away.

Tutorial - Toe-up with Heel Flap and Gusset

August 7, 2013
This is a tutorial on how to do a toe-up sock with a heel flap and gusset.

EP115 - Socks, Socks and More Socks

Friday, August 2, 2013

I had lots of progress with my knitting this week, and there are lots of prizes to be given away.

Tutorial - Picot Edge

July 29, 2013
Picot Edge

Tutorial - iCord Edging - Sock Yarn Blanket

July 29, 2013 
iCord Edging - Sock Yarn Blanket

Tutorial - Joining the Squares

July 29, 2013
Joining the Squares

Tutorial - Traditional 3-ply

July 26, 2013
Traditional 3-ply

EP113 - So Much Stuff

Friday, July 19, 2013

Again this episode is loaded with stuff. I share my Finished Objects, WIPs, Spinning progress, Upcoming Events, KAL/CAL/SALs, and future VKNs. There is a drawing and a reminder about previous drawings, and I even include one of my favorite things.

Special: EP112 - What is in my Notions Bag

July 12, 2013
What is in my Notions Bag

EP111 - Spinning Fever

Saturday, July 6, 2013

This episode is loaded with stuff. A weekly review, knitting progress, spinning progress, some drawings, talk about the current KAL and SAL, and another question answered.

Tutorial - Sock Yarn Blanket - The Start

June 30, 2013
Sock Yarn Blanket - Start

Tutorial - Over Dyeing Yarn

June 30, 2013
Over Dyeing Yarn

Tutorial - Short Row Heel - Toe-up Sock

June 30, 2013
Short Row Heel - Toe Up Sock

EP110: It's the Nancy Show

Saturday, June 22, 2013

This is another very full show, I talk at length about my 2 weeks in review. There is knitting and spinning progress, an update about Blip TV, stash enhancement, Two drawings, and Information about the upcoming KAL and SAL.

EP109 - Question Answered

June 15, 2013
Question Answered

EP108 - Cram Packed

Saturday, June 8, 2013

This episode is very full, with lots of information and updates. I share progress on three knitting projects and my spinning progress. There is a Bar Maids Drawing, and stash enhancement, as well as a product review. Enjoy!

Tutorial: Turned Hem Edge

May 31, 2013
Turned Hem

EP107 - Schedule Change

Saturday, May 25, 2013

This episode is mostly jibber Jabber, I don't show any knitting or spinning because I really haven't had much progress. There is a tutorial for picot cast-on and picot bind off, along with the last of the podiversary/3000 member drawing. Enjoy!

EP106: Totally Addicted to Sims 3

Saturday, May 18, 2013
This week I share my progress on both Coraline and Vanadium, but based on the title you might guess there isn't much progress. I also share my finished Wool Gatherings BFL that was recently navajo plied. There are also prizes and a tutorial on knitted on i-cord border. Enjoy!

EP105 - There isn't enough time


Friday, May 10, 2013
This is a short episode with no progress to show, but I do have the tutorial on joining the squares for the sock yarn blanket by Shelly Kang.

EP104 - Playing Catch-up

Saturday, May 4, 2013
I have three new projects that were all started at Knit-topia. There will also be a lot of spinning talk, a bit about my adventures into weaving, two prize drawings, much much more. Sorry no tutorial again this week though. Enjoy!

EP103 - Knit-topia 2013

May 1, 2013
Knit-topia 2013

Tutorial - 2-ply from a center pull ball

May 1, 2013 
2-ply from a center pull ball

Tutorial - Toe up Socks - The Toe

May 1, 2013
Toe Up Socks The Toe

EP102 - Not Quite Myself

Friday, April 12, 2013
There isn't a tutorial today, but there is lots of stuff to share, like how I am watching and listening to podcasts, my swatching madness with the two sweaters I want to start, fitness-a-long and how to stay in touch with me while I am at Knit-topia. I hope you enjoy it!

EP101: Epic FO!

April 7, 2013
This episode is just what it says Epic. I share the finished, unblocked Evenstar, we have some prizes for the DAL (Dye-A-Long) and there is a tutorial on how to start your very own sock yarn blanket. Enjoy!

Tutorial: Dyeing Fiber

April 3, 2013
Dyeing Fiber

Tutorial - Spinning on a Wheel

March 30, 2013
Spinning on a Wheel

EP100 - Driving Force

Friday, March 22, 2013
Again this episode there isn't much knitting to show you. I have made significant progress on Evenstar, but I don't show any of my WIPS this week. Instead I share the Over Dyeing tutorial and a new game that I am looking forward to being released.

EP99 - It's a Balancing Act

Friday, March 22, 2013
This is a long show filled with information. I show a finished object, a couple of WIPS, there is a tutorial for the short-row heel from my Basic Socks Pattern, and we have a winner for the Free Lo Lo Bar. I also talk about my plans for the week and the planning I have been doing for Knit-topia. Enjoy!

EP98: Exercisecentric

Friday, March 15, 2013
This episode is primarily about my exercise/weight loss journey this week, and all the things that got in the way. I don't have any significant progress to show you on my WIPS. The is a tutorial on 2-ply from a center pull ball and a drawing for Lo Lo Lips. Enjoy!

EP97: 40,000 Steps

Friday, March 8, 2013
This is a short episode, with the bulk of it being the tutorial. I talk about my knitting progress on both the Evenstar and some basic socks, but I don't show any knitting. I have been very busy this week walking. The tutorial this week is the start of the Basic Socks - Toe-up.

EP96: My First KAL Fail

Friday, March 1, 2013

In this episode I just give a brief update on the Evenstar, the felted clogs that I haven't worked on in awhile, and the basic socks I started a few months ago. There is a Bar Maids drawing, some bad news and a Fiber Dyeing Tutorial.

Tutorial - Drop Spindle

March 3, 2013
Drop Spindle

EP95 - My Fitness Pal

Saturday, February 23, 2012
In this episode, I talk about my use of My Fitness Pal, as well as FitBit. I share my progress on the Evenstar, and show the finish plyed Alpaca that I have been working on. Then there is the second half of the spinning on a wheel tutorial, and finally I wrap up with a few sponsors for Knit-topia 2013.

Tutorial - Basic Spinning Terminology


February 21, 2013
Basic Spinning

EP94 - Lots of Spinning

Friday, February 15, 2012
The Knit Swirl is finally finished, even with a few bumps at the very end. The Evenstar is finally making some progress again, and should be completed in the next few weeks. I also share a new toy that I have been wanting for quite some time. This week's tutorial is Spinning on a Wheel. It is quite long so I only share with you the first half this week and will share the second half next week. I also talk a bit about Knit-topia 2013 and 2014. Enjoy!

Tutorial - Mattress Stitch

February 13, 2013
Mattress Stitch

EP93 - It's a Quickie

Friday, February 8, 2012

There is lots to share on this episode, from prizes to spinning, to tutorials, to reviews, and finally more information on Knit-topia 2014. Again this week I didn't have much knitting progress, but I did get a lot done this week.

Tutorial: Reading Charts

February 5, 2013
Reading Charts

EP92 - It's Friday

Friday, February 1, 2012

There is lots to share on this episode, from prizes to spinning, to tutorials, to reviews, and finally more information on Knit-topia 2014. Again this week I didn't have much knitting progress, but I did get a lot done this week.

Review: Bobbins Up!

January 30, 2013
Bobbins Up!